Pondview Terrace – Manchester, NH

Project Info

Turn Cycle Solutions performed air sealing in the attics of eight apartments buildings at Pondview Terrace in Manchester, New Hampshire. Over 200 hours of air sealing holes and various penetrations in the attic floor was performed in order to reduce airflow. The project was completed in less than three weeks, with no interruption to the daily lives of the residents at Pondview Terrace. The tenants and staff were very please for the quick turn around, as well as the cleanliness during the job.

Weatherization Investment

The total cost of air sealing was $38,000, which was paid to Turn Cycle Solutions by Liberty Utilities. This was made possible through the rebates of the NHSaves Weatherization program. Pondview Terrace at no point had to pay for any of the costs of the project. As a result of the air sealing measures, Pondview Terrace is expected to reduce its energy usage and monthly utility bills by 26%. With the air sealing measures coming at no cost to the facility and the opportunity to instantly reduce its energy usage and monthly utility bills, Pondview made a quick and easy decision, which has proven to be a wise investment.