Juris Residence – Nashua, NH

Project Info

This multifamily property is a three unit dwelling. Turn Cycle Solutions helped the property owner Lou Juris reduce his heating and cooling cost in addition to providing a more comfortable living area for his tenants. TCS air sealed all leaks and penetrations through the attic floor, installed 12” of cellulose insulation to the attic space, increasing this property’s R value to R 49. To ensure TCS was creating an air tight building shell, the basement rim joist area and walls were insulated with 3” of closed cell spray foam and coated with a fire rated intumescent coating.

Weatherization Investment

Lou’s investment into his multi-family unit provided him and his tenants with a more comfortable living space and cost savings. Lou was able to save $8,796 off the cost of the improvements through rebates covered by Liberty Utilities and Better Buildings. Lou was able to finance the investment with a low interest loan through the Better Buildings program.