Hatch Residence – Nashua, NH

Project Info

Turn Cycle Solutions helped to reduce the Hatch family’s bottom line by reducing their heating and cooling costs and providing them with a more comfortable home. TCS weatherized their home from top to bottom. All penetrations through the attic and kneewall floor were air sealed, additional insulation to the attic and knee wall spaces was added to meet current energy code, along with weatherizing attic accesses, insulating the basement rim joists with rigid board and adding heating pipe wrap insulation. Along with weatherizing the inside of the home, Turn Cycle Solutions also removed the existing siding on the home, added 1” of rigid foam board, taping and sealing all the seams to create an air tight shell. After completing the rigid board installation TCS then installed new vinyl siding and break metal. The Hatch family now has a very energy efficient home with minimal exterior maintenance for them in the years ahead.

Weatherization Investment

The Hatch family received over $7,000 in upfront rebates from Liberty Utilities and Better Buildings. The remainder of the project upgrade was financed with Better Buildings low interest loan program!