Cooling off with TCS

timabarta September 26, 2018

Here are tips from the website

If you need to use your cooling system, you can cut costs in several ways:

  • Lower the cooling load: Reducing the amount of heat that gets in your house will keep your air conditioner from working as hard, and that means lower energy bills for you. A few ways to lower your home’s cooling load include shading your windows and roof, incorporating high-albedo (or white) surfaces, such as a cool roof, and increasing your home’s insulation. In humid climates, it is important to decrease excess air leakage. Also keep in mind that internal heat sources, such as your oven, can add to your cooling load.
  • Improve the efficiency of your equipment: At the simplest, improving the efficiency means keeping equipment in tune — ensuring your system has proper airflow, is fully charged and has clean air filters. It also means reducing any duct leakage and insulating ducts if possible. For longer-term investments, consider replacing your air conditioner. New high efficiency cooling equipment uses substantially less energy to provide the same cooling services as old equipment.
  • Don’t cool more than you need: Why waste money cooling spaces you aren’t using? Instead, raise your thermostat when you are at work or shut off your air conditioner when on vacation. If you aren’t using some rooms, close the registers. You can also use ventilative cooling, such as whole-house cooling fans, economizers (a technology that pulls in outside air when it is cooler than the air in the house) and evaporative cooling, when conditions permit.